Purpose built Walk-to-Work vessels providing services to the Offshore Wind industry

IWS Fleet offers a fleet of state-of-the-art, purpose built Walk-to-Work vessels providing services to the Offshore Wind industry across the wind farm’s entire life cycle; from construction, operations and maintenance to decommissioning.


  • The design and efficiency of the vessels increase safety, operability and reduces overall cost for the client

  • Latest generation mission equipment include fully compensated gangway and 3D AHC crane

  • Purpose built vessels with the highest health, safety, and environment standards

  • Novel hull and propulsion design dedicated for efficient Walk-to-Work windfarm operations

  • Powered by plug-in hybrid capable of emission free operations

  • Premium accommodation for up to 120 personnel

  • Built and operated by IWS Fleet, a subsidiary 
of Integrated Wind Solutions, established by Awilco with decades of project and operations experience from the offshore and shipping industry

A IWS vessel.

Zero-emission capability

A nice ocean view with a IWS vessel and installed tool.

Plug-in hybrid solution with batteries

  • Equipped for all-electric operation using 
supercharging, solar cells and battery

  • Capable of operating zero emission up to
 6 hours

Zero-Emission Vessel

  • Conversion to a zero-emission vessel can be done at competitive cost

  • Battery operation with offshore charging directly from the wind farm

  • Biofuel compatible combustion engines

  • Potential to use hydrogen-based fuels (fuel cell, ammonia, methanol)

A detail of a vessel building a windmill.
Gangway illustration.

3D Compensated Gangway

illustration of a crane.

3D Compensated Crane

illustration of a boat.


illustration of storage.

Storage capacity

Illustration of people.

Crew Transfer Capacity

Illustration of a power adapter.

Power and Propulsion

illustration of dimensions.


Illustration of a door.