Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

IWS Fleet provide services to the offshore wind renewable energy industry. The Company believes that being a service provider to the renewable energy industry, the services provided by the Company needs to be of a standard and quality reflecting the worlds ambition of reducing emissions and environmental footprint.

IWS Fleet hybrid powered vessel has several “industry firsts” including the largest battery pack with solar panels for charging, hull and propulsion design increasing operability and reducing emissions, and an energy consumption around 20% less compared to other new builds currently under construction. The vessel is also the first in the industry to have the “DNV SILENT” notation which focus on minimizing impact on marine life below water.

To support the design, construction and commercial and technical operations of the vessels, the Company and its employees are working according to a certified quality management system


The IWS Fleet quality management system is ISO certified by Bureau Veritas (accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service) according to following standards:

Bureau Veritas certification.


IWS Fleet holds the following accreditation.

Achilles utilities qualification.Achilles JQS qualification.