An international company that provides high-quality electrical and technical solutions

ProCon Group is an international company that specializes in providing high-quality electrical and technical solutions to the global renewable industry through its two business units: ProCon Wind Energy and ProCon Technic. Procon Group is headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, and is as well present in Belgium, Germany, Poland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and USA.

Through the three business units Engineering, Construction and Service, ProCon have delivered specialist solutions regarding design, engineering, pre-assembly, installation (LV/MV/HV), commissioning, service, maintenance and retro-fit to more than 1300 Transition Pieces and Jackets, more than 850 WTGs, and worked offshore for more than 500000 hours. ProCon can handle everything from single task, turnkey projects and package solutions where our business units have been combined.

Integrated Wind Solutions holds 75% ownership of ProCon.

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