Our Fleet

IWS Fleet, a subsidiary of Integrated Wind Solutions, brings state-of-art Walk-to-Work vessels to the Offshore Wind industry. Currently the company have four newbuild vessels under construction, with two for delivery in 2023 and two more for delivery in 2024. In addition, the Company has options for additional two sister vessels.

Our vessels offers zero-emission operations by battery biased plug-in hybrid solution and fully prepared for continuous zero emission operations


Plug-in hybrid solution with batteries

  • Equipped for all-electric operation using supercharging, solar cells and battery
  • Capable of operating zero emission up to 6 hours

Zero-Emission Vessel

  • Conversion to a zero-emission vessel can be done at competitive cost
  • Battery operation with offshore charging directly from the wind farm
  • Biofuel compatible combustion engines
  • Potential to use hydrogen-based fuels (fuel cell, ammonia, methanol)

3D Compensated Gangway

Step-less approach from the packing area to the wind turbine

Reach Height min-max [m] 10 – 32

3D Compensated Crane

Max Capacity [mT] 25
AHC Offshore Capacity [mT] 15
3D Offshore Capacity [mT] 5


Persons onboard 120
Offices and
conference rooms
Operations offices
Client meeting room
Conference room
Briefing room
Recreational areas Day room
Gamer & gym lounge
Yoga workout
Sauna (male and female)
TV & game room
Mess room lounge

Crew Transfer Capacity

Daughter Craft 12,5 m Crew Transfer Vessel
Capacity 2 crew + 12 pax (500kg cargo)
Helideck Take-off Weight 8,6t, D-value 18m


DNVGL ✠1A, Offshore Service Vessel (Windfarm Maintenance), E0, BIS, Strengthened (DK), COMF (V-2, C-2), NAUT-OSV, CLEAN(DESIGN)*, Recyclable, DYNPOS(AUTR), BWM-(T),CRANE, Walk2Work, Battery (Power), LCS, ER(SCR)*, SILENT(E), Cyber Secure, HELDK-SH


Length o.a. [m] 90,00
Breadth mld. [m] 19,00

Power and propulsion

Power Battery biased plug-in hybrid solution
with DC Grid
Auxiliary Engines Variable speed IMO Tier III

Storage Capacity


Open Deck Area [m2] 400
– Container Capacity 8 pieces 20″ISO
Under Deck (sheltered) area [m2] 400
– Container Capacity 12 pieces 20″ISO
Temperature and humidity
controlled store [m2]
IMDG Store Class 2,3,8,9
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